Nygård power plant utilizes the drop between Trollvatn located on Nygårdsfjell and Rombaksfjorden in the municipality of Narvik.

The power plant consists of three vertical Francis turbines at respectively 8, 8 and 9MW. In the regulated area a total of two reservoirs is regulated. Sirkelvann power plant is also located inside the regulated area. Trollvatn is the intake reservoir, from which the water goes in a 3,6km long tunnel. Then the water goes down a 590 long pipeline to the power station at sea. The power plant consists of a total of 7km tunnels.

The power plant has a catchment area of 152km2 and an average annual production of 110GWh. The last major modernization at the plant was completed in 1997-1998. Both excitation, turbine governor, high voltage system, cooling water systems and control systems were replaced.

Technical data
Reservoir volume Fiskeløsvatn store17,2mill.m3
Reservoir volume Fiskeløsvatn lille2,9mill.m3
Reservoir volume Skitdalsvatn4,3mill.m3
Reservoir volume Sirkelvatn13,3mill.m3
Reservoir volume Jernvatna52,9mill.m3
Reservoir volume Nygårdsvatn3,2mill.m3
Reservoir volume Store Trollvatn2,5mill.m3
Catchment area152km2
Vertical drop250m-259m
Maximum absorption capacity
Generator output26,3MVA
Generator voltage6600V